About Our Company

About Our Company

Kometa-15 Security Company Ltd. was established in 1995, and it is 100% privately owned Security company, fully licensed and certified by the Ministry of Interior of Russian Federation in accordance with legal regulations.

Kometa-15 Security Company Ltd. is operated by its perfectly trained and experienced Management, former servicemen of Soviet and Russian Army, Law Enforcement agencies and Secret Services of Russian Federation and former USSR.

Based on more than 15 years experience of intensive activity, our company is offering and providing wide range of security services on the territory of Russian Federation and in other CIS member-states through our affiliated partner companies.

Doing business in Russia, or Ukraine, or other CIS countries has been always risky and challenging task for foreigners. However, due to the relatively young, turbulent and same time attractive markets of CIS, international business, and first of all European business, keep trying to enter the markets of CIS countries. Same time foreign companies, which had already entered Russia, Ukraine or other CIS states during the previous 15-20 years, are trying to secure and to develop their business under the new circumstances of world economic crises.

The business environment in Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries is well known world-wide as probably one of the most dangerous due to the number of serious reasons – corruption, organized crime, complicated and far-from-perfect tax system, customs laws, local legislation, etc.

Providing a local focus and international network of resources, Kometa-15 Security Company Ltd. is uniquely equipped to deliver comprehensive security services, security consulting and all-round support throughout the CIS countries.

Whether you are protecting multinational operations, evaluating potential overseas investments and opportunities, or managing corporate travel programs, you need to know what is happening now in proximity to your interests. We shall investigate, research, and identify risks and threats in each particular case. We shall do our job in discreet and gentle manner, always acting in the frames of local legal regulation in each of CIS states.

Kometa-15 Security Company Ltd. improves your ability to develop pro-active plans that allow you to respond swiftly and appropriately. Our unmatched network of connected global resources provides an industry-leading advantage allowing our experts to deliver innovative, dependable and cost effective “situational awareness” solutions to clients across the CIS countries.

The Team of Kometa-15 Security Company Ltd. experts is comprised of highly experienced and trained individuals with backgrounds in civilian and military intelligence as well as traditional security fields. You can trust our abilities to help you identify potential problems and then work with you on solutions for prevention or mitigation.

The assistance you seek today may be different from what you need next month. We shall help you clearly see and understand both the big picture and minute details that could affect your business, your daily operations and its value.

You can always count on Kometa-15 Security Company Ltd. to provide you a full scope of security services 24/7, and you will get the most timely and reliable situational awareness available.Please, do not hesitate to contact us at all times with you inquiries.

You may also contact our German lawyers for referencies regarding our company and regarding the quality of our services. All contact information you may find in the page CONTACTS