Protective Services

Complex Security Solutions for foreign business in Russia and other CIS states

Doing business in Russia or in other CIS countries has been always risky and challenging task. However, due to the relatively young, turbulent and same time attractive markets of CIS, international business, and first of all, European business, keep trying to enter these countries. The foreign companies, who had already entered Russia and/or other former Soviet republics during the previous 15-20 years, are trying to secure and to develop their business under the circumstances of world economic crises.

The business environment in Russia and other CIS countries is well known world-wide as probably one of the most dangerous for the private entrepreneurs due to the number of serious reasons – corruption, organized crime, complicated and far-from-perfect tax system, tricky customs’ laws, local legislation, etc.

Protective Security Services

Kometa-15 Security Company is offering wide range of protective services in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other CIS states, operating through its regional offices and affiliated companies in CIS countries. We offer the expertise and a wide range of supporting resources to provide reliable personal protection anywhere throughout the CIS countries.

We are ready to offer reliable personal protection services 24/7 in such countries as Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan at a very short notice. Other CIS countries would demand a time notice of 4-5 days to mobilize local forces.

For more than 20 years our experienced, highly skilled and trained security personnel have provided protection for corporate leaders and their workforce, famous entertainers, celebrities, diplomats, and individuals. Our services range from providing one-time executive drivers to developing long-term comprehensive personal protection service programs. Our company also offers local expertise in each of CIS states in protecting of company’s assets. We are ready for action 24 hours a day to respond both known and unforeseen threats. This enables our clients to go forward with their day-to-day business as usual.

Kometa-15 Security Company’s core Protection Services in CIS countries are as follows:

·         VIP Security services;

·         Travel Protection Security;

·         Executive Protection, Bodyguards;

·         Executive Drivers;

·         Armed Response Protection;

·         Residential Protection;

·         Asset Protection, static security;

·         Technical Surveillance Countermeasure Services.