Information Services

Information Services


Risk Assessment and Risk Management

Besides the frames of protective security services, our company is offering wide range of informational and consulting services, providing company’s clients with vitally important informational support, intelligence data and analytical materials, which are necessary for Risk Management and for further development of Mitigation Strategies, especially while dealing in Russia, Ukraine or other CIS states.

Whether your company functions in a multi-story environment or operates manufacturing/industrial facilities in locations scattered around the CIS countries, we offer reliable security risk assessment and risk management solutions to help ensure the safety of your company’s employees and its assets.

Kometa-15 Security Company estimates Risk Management services as one of the key factors of economic and commercial success of each particular commercial entity. Having Risk Management process constantly in place, allows each particular company or individual to develop Mitigation Strategy, which would assure safe and secure business activity with high effectiveness.

We are ready to assist you to develop a clear safety and security plan alone with effective strategies and programs, which are designed to protect every important element of your business: the employees, the customers, the physical environment, the supply chain, and your products.

In Kometa-15 Security Company we believe, that Risk Management is the identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks followed by coordinated and economical application of resources to minimize, monitor, and control the probability and/or impact of unfortunate events, or to maximize the realization of opportunities. Risk management’s objective is to assure uncertainty does not deflect the endeavor from the business goals.

In order to help the clients to minimize possible risks and threats, our company is applying following methods:

– We identify, characterize threats
– We assess the vulnerability of critical assets to specific threats
– We do our best to determine the risk (i.e. the expected likelihood and consequences of specific types of attacks on specific assets)
– We identify ways to reduce those risks
– We prioritize risk reduction measures based on a strategy

We are uniquely qualified to provide you a superior audit service because of our ability to incorporate our expertise in several risk management methodologies, including:

1. Risk Assessment
2. Due Diligence
3. Investigations

In order to get better understanding, how do we assist our clients to minimize risks, please, study this page further on to learn more details about our services.


Due Diligence

Providing Due Diligence services, our company is delivering actual and latest updated information and detailed analyses for its clients. Our company’s vast network in CIS states allows us to provide our clients with additional investigative capabilities. Due diligence of foreign entities may require a further understanding of local laws, languages or customs especially when records are not readily available electronically. Our team has the expertise to assist you on a global basis.

Our corporate Due Diligence services can assist corporate compliance and general counsel efforts by providing timely business decision information for mergers and acquisitions throughout the CIS states.

We are not compiling public data, we provide our clients with analysis of that information, which can serve as an accurate, timely, and actionable risk management tool. We provide industry-wide due diligence services and solutions, which are maximum adjusted to client-specific requirements.

Our targeted areas of interest include:

·         Mergers & Acquisitions

·         International Joint Ventures

·         Subsidiaries / Agents / Brokers

·         Clients and partners

·         Charitable Donations

·         Ownership Interests

·         Identify Possible Threats

·         State Owned Companies

·         Board of Directors

·         Credit Standing

·         Civil Litigation

·         Politically Exposed Persons (PEP)

·         Licensing & Certification

Our Due Diligence investigation methods are discreet and confidential. Our reports are never journalistic in style and include an executive summary for a quick review. Enhanced due diligence efforts may be scaled to cover specific client concerns or compliance requirements.


Investigative and Intelligence Services

Kometa-15 security company offers wide range of investigation services all-round CIS states. Acting as a private investigation agency, we are providing reliable and accurate information and solutions to fit our client’s needs in each particular country of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Our experienced private investigators deliver a wide range of services. Whether you’re concerned with local corruption, extortion, internal employee issues such as theft, or external worries such as fraud, electronic bugging, or due diligence matters, we shall offer the expertise to provide you with most actual information and to recover your assets quickly.

Our company’s main information, intelligence and consulting services include:

·         Risk Assessment and mitigation strategies, all-round Information support for commercial entities;

·         Expert studies of business partners and competitors, investigations;

·         Development of strategy of the company for assuring an entry into the foreign markets;

·         Researches and analysis of foreign markets of goods, raw materials, services, etc.;

·         SWOT analysis of competitors, business projects, etc.;

·         Analytical reviews and forecasts of the certain markets, market researches;

·         Development of the security concepts and security policy for the commercial entities and enterprises, banks, etc. in accordance with highest international standards.

·         Audit of the security systems and security departments of the commercial enterprises and financial institutions in accordance with highest international standards.

·         Development and audit of security services (departments) and means of protection of personal data and commercial information of the company.

·         Development and launching of information supply systems in order to support the decision-making.

Kometa-15 Risk Group (SRG) tracks and interprets rapidly changing national and international events, alerting you to local developments and providing you with business intelligence that could have a negative impact on the safety and security of your corporate operations and assets.

We offer investigations and expert studies of your business partners and competitors, providing you with vitally important information – activity of the company in the market, the analysis of solvency and reliability of the company, history of development and business reputation of the company, etc.

We offer market researches, development of strategy of the particular market entry, investigating and analyzing partners and contractors. Following analytical and intelligence reviews are available on demand:

·         The general situation in the country: the list of the main risks for foreign business, a general characteristic of the chosen market, consideration of the main problems and risks, key conclusions.

·         Economy: estimates of economic development of the country, the existing forecasts for the next and average prospects.

·         A situation in the chosen market: state policy and private business, regulation of deliveries and opportunity for the foreign companies.

·         Main players in the market: a specification on each considered organization (registration information, offices, locations), finance, the characteristic of shareholders (including positioning in mass media, existence of a compromising evidence, possession of other businesses, communication with authorities).

·         Potential partners: characteristics of the companies (and their shareholders).

·         The analysis of dynamics of export of goods / raw materials from Ukraine to the specified countries (with the indication of volumes, costs, the party-contractor).

·         The analysis of business reputation of the chosen potential partners / clients in the specified countries.

·         Forecasts and recommendations.

With dozens of regional offices in CIS states, we always have a location near you. Each office is integrated into Kometa-15 international network, which guarantees high level of security for our clients, and allows us to deploy our solutions whenever and wherever you need them.

Contact us and learn more about each of our specific investigative services, which are as follows:

·         Physical Surveillance – wide range of surveillance services to safeguard main assets of your company.

·         Undercover Investigations – we deploy specially trained undercover investigators, who are able to work discreetly to ascertain information concerning each particular problem.

·         Background Checks and Background Checks’ Audit – is executed to ensure, that your business partners, employees and suppliers have been fully and accurately screened.


Security Surveillance Services

Security surveillance services, which are offered by our company, will help you to safeguard some of the most important assets of the company. We offer security surveillance services as a short-term solution as well as part of a comprehensive long-term program.

Our surveillance services include:

·         Audio surveillance

·         Hidden video surveillance

·         Customer surveillance

·         Employee monitoring or surveillance

·         Involvement of single or multiple subjects

·         Private investigator surveillance

With Kometa-15 network of resources in CIS countries, we may get your physical surveillance program up and running quickly and efficiently in any of your locations around the CIS states.


Employee Screening

Kometa-15 Security company, acting as your employment screening partner in CIS states, delivers compliance-focused, employee screening solutions specifically designed to cut costs and save time to your human resources department.

Our comprehensive system of Employee Screening services encompass swift and reliable background checks, criminal records’ check, drug testing, etc.

Kometa-15 will provide you with Employee Screening results, which quickly provide answers and results and are taking into account the specificities required by compliance issues.

Whether you have facilities in one Cis countries, or in few of them, Kometa-15 has expertise and global resources to conduct reliable audits that include your employees, and/or all your vendors – and suppliers’ vendors –that screen personnel for your organization.

Contact us and learn more about each of our Employee Screening services.

Crisis Management & Emergency Services

Whether you need assistance in crisis management planning, or you need physical presence overnight in one of CIS states due to some reason, you can rely on our network to respond whenever and wherever you need immediate crisis management.

It is crucial to team up with a crisis management company that is experienced, reliable and responsive – these three key characteristics you’ll find with Kometa-15 Security company.

Whether you’re dealing with an employee walkout in Kiev, Ukraine or an earthquake near your factory in Uzbekistan, we have the ability to get our emergency services response team to nearly any location on short notice.

Local Kometa-15 office will become your emergency management agency, as we quickly engage our CIS states network of specialists for your needs. We are ready to offer reliable and scalable solutions, which would protect your interests everywhere.

Contact us and learn more about each of our Crisis Management and Emergency Services:

·         Emergency Response Services

·         High-Risk Terminations

·         Armed Response Protection

·         Natural Disaster Response

·         Event Management

·         Workforce Disruption Security

You can always count on Kometa-15 Security Company Ltd. to provide you a full scope of security services 24/7, and you will get the most timely and reliable situational awareness available.Please, do not hesitate to contact us at all times with you inquiries.

You may also contact our German lawyers for referencies regarding our company and regarding the quality of our services. All contact information you may find in the page CONTACTS