Providing Services outside the Russian Federation

Providing Services outside the Russian Federation

Kometa-15 Security Company Ltd. was initially found as a global company. Being one of the members of Rokada Association of Security Companies, Kometa-15 Security Company Ltd. is capable of operating in challenging and complex security environments worldwide. The formation of the company was a respond to the needs of the current world for an innovative approach in providing security services, and demand for the development of new mitigation strategies and low profile high-end risk management. Through our headquarters in Moscow, Russian Federation and through our numerous regional offices and partner-companies we operate internationally, and first of all we offer wide range of security services in most of the CIS states.

Doing business in Russia or in other CIS countries has been always risky and challenging task. However, due to the relatively young, turbulent and same time attractive markets of CIS, international business, and first of all, European business, keep trying to enter these countries. The foreign companies, who had already entered Russia and/or other former Soviet republics during the previous 15-20 years, are trying to secure and to develop their business under the circumstances of world economic crises.

We offer wide range of security services and security solutions across CIS states, through our network of partner-companies we are able to provide risk mitigation and risk management services to major corporations, financial institutions, law firms, not-for-profit organizations and government agencies, assuring our clients' success in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and other CIS states.

Besides the frames of protective security services, our company is offering wide range of informational and consulting services, providing company’s clients with vitally important informational support, intelligence data and analytical materials, which are necessary for Risk Management and for further development of Mitigation Strategies, especially while dealing in Russia, Ukraine or other CIS states.

The slogan of our company 'Effective, Low Profile and High-End Security Forged Through Knowledge and Experience' resonates with our Security Philosophy, which was generated by the collective experiences and professional knowledge of company's Management and Operators, both employed and contracted. Our main aim is to create the safest possible risk commensurate work environment, through judicious planning and organizational commitment.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us with your inquiries regarding our services in CIS states at all times.